Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Wee Hannah Brothers scampers after a bunny shortly after she and her mother and siblings moved into an unoccupied cabin northeast of the fort. The clan migrated from Missouri in search of "better prospects."

General Grant greets the grass widow Mrs. Brothers. "Need we fear Indians, General Grant?" asks the young mother. "Hardly!" replies the hero of Vicksburg. "We exist in peace with the local tribes - because we keep our agreements with them!" Grant, however, cautioned Mrs. Brothers about rogue pirates and vikings who have been known to descend without warning on isolated settlers. "Stick close to the fort, and you'll be perfectly safe," he concluded. "Our cavalry is superb, our artillery true and straight and our infantry among the best in the world!"

Cole Brothers and his faithful dog Gussie. Note President Lincoln in work clothes in right rear. Fort gossip has it that the president, angered by a series of blistering and accusatory telegrams from Mary Todd, has decided to stick around the military installation for a few weeks and pitch in with the harvest.

Eldest of the Brothers brood, Audrey poses with her prized calf, Ari. Although cautioned by an old timer back home that "you ought never name something that you might have to eat," Audrey insisted.

Robert James Duke, who migrated west with his father, Basil, to locate and secure their wedge of the American pie. For the time being, the two have decided to try their hand at cattle farming. "That huge fort is filled with stomachs that have to be filled thrice daily," explained Basil.
Within days of the Brothers' clan's arrival, a group of helpful and hopeful horse soldiers built an enormous fireplace for the heretofor unheated spare cabin.