Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tiger Attack! (with a nod to 'Saving Private Ryan')

My interpretation of the awesome "Saving Private Ryan" scene in which the Americans grimly wait as a German Tiger tank rumbles toward them through the ruins of a French village.

I really like this photograph - a beseiged G.I. perforates a German infantryman with his Model '11 (.45 semi-automatic). The American figure is made by Classic Toy Soldiers, while the German is from Toy Soldiers of San Diego.

A German Marder - open-topped and thinly armored - pays for its commander's folly in advancing down a narrow street. A Molotov cocktail tossed from a second-story window splashes flaming vino across the German anti-tank vehicle, incinerating the crew.

The wreckage of war.

Archival footage

Rare photograph of fort inhabitants 'at ease" around the campfire. A Barzso ranger patiently roasts a spitted grouse (which he stuffed with wild sage) while a Marx Company trapper talks business with Supersize Fort Apache's duly authorized sutler. A cowboy looks on, drowsily.