Friday, January 27, 2012

The commanding general's personal residence

The BMC "Meade's Headquarters" house is a surprisingly fine-looking bit of 54 mm architecture, particularly since it came from BMC - which is to toy soldier sculpting what Dr. Frankenstein was to plastic surgery. But I've always liked Meade's Gettysburg war room, with the exception of the original crude plastic chimney top. I solved that problem by printing off some brick wallpaper and then cutting them to fit a styrofoam frame that I chopped out of a computer packing frame. Here is the result.

With its dramatically upgraded heating system, the building now serves as the personal residence for Supersize Fort Apache's commanding general, an alternating slot now held by a fellow child of Illinois, General Ulysses S. Grant. Of an evening, Grant and his staff often sit around the fire to reflect on their day's labors - the desperate fights with pirates and vikings, lack of marry-able women, Custer's latest fit of narcissism, etc. And the fire always soothes them.


  1. Nice job. I like the chimey. I have a half dozen BMC Meade's HQs cut into different configurations. I see some familiar REPLICANT figures. Fun!

  2. Thanks. I'm a big fan of Replicants' stuff. The Alfred Waud character is awesome, as are the campfire quartet. (I get a huge kick out of your blog, by the way. It's creative and funny.)