Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Civil War figures (Expeditionary Force)

Singapore-based "Expeditionary Force" has deployed its new line of Civil War figures. Above, I've mixed in the new guys with a few Butternut and Blue, Marx Civil War Centennial and CTS figures - along with a pair of Imex Parrots. The E.F. figures are crisply sculpted but quite small - more 1/35 than 1/32. Conte and TSSD would certainly dwarf them. Size wise, the new troops are a perfect match with Butternut and Blue (O, B&B! Why did you flee the marketplace so quickly?!) and the Centennial lads. The cannoneers have a nice range of poses, but all have the exact same face. (Stepford artillerists?). Similarly, other than the officer pose, the cavalry comes in just two flavors - sabre extended above head and sabre held at side. All in all, though, a nice addition to the hobby/lifestyle that we've chosen to deaden the pain and tedium of this suffering life.

At the left, a husky, mutton-chopped cannoneer from Toy Soldiers of San Diego; at the right, his stunted, whiskerless Expeditionary Force counterpart.

The three standing poses are from Expeditionary Force, whilst the kneeling officer and wounded gunner are of course Marx products. (The binocular guy has been with me for 37 years; he arrived in the Marx Civil War playset I got on my 10th birthday. What a great set! I still have many of the figures, as well as the tin litho plantation home. Sadly, the siege cannon was destroyed - read "melted" - in a tragically misguided smoke bomb experiment the same summer I got the set.)

Left front, firing: Butternut and Blue; rear, firing: one of Ideal's giants; right, carrying bucket: Expeditionary Force.


  1. B&B appears almost every year at the Valley Forge PA show selling mainly books. He has always told me he lost his sculptor. Guess he never got a new one. I have put my TSSD and CONTE ACW guys away as they are just too large IMHO. These guys look good. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey man! Blog something, I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I am hungry for more episodes of the Fort!

    Great toy soldier stuff!


  3. Fun Blog! Was just googling for "New Apache Figures" and stumbled in.

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