Monday, July 22, 2013

Timpo's "Beachhead Invasion" playset

Aurora/Timpo's wonderful "Beachhood Invasion" playset was - along with my Marx "Blockhouse" Fort Apache - the last of my childhood toy soldier acquisitions. This is the original box, which I excavated out of the closet of my childhood bedroom my last trip home. Although a berserking tsunami of hormones was overwhelming my toy soldier fever at the time, I loved this set, and still have many of the figures and equipment. (Up to this point, my exposure to Timpo figures was extremely limited. I was fascinated by these inter-changeable little men.) Miraculously, this box still held/holds the set's original instructions - the only such playset document to have survived my childhood.

In hindsight, the presence of a thoroughly British Bren gun carrier in the set's all-American combat group was peculiar - but I was the only kid in my circle who had one.

The American bazooka team was practically a pre-made diorama vignette, complete with a small pile of debris, spare rockets and a terrain base. I've always been very partial to these two tank-busters. (Behind them, a 21st Century Sherman (commanded by a Forces of Valor officer) moves forward with a squad of Toy Soldiers of San Diego and Classic Toy Soldiers G.I.s.)
The Germans counter with a mortar crew, also plugged into its own base. (If one were so inclined, the German figures can be removed and Americans put in their place.)
Timpo issued each "army" with a howitzer with which to infuse their martial entanglements with a bit of dignity. (Paraphrasing here; can't recall the exact line, and it's Monday morning.) Save for their colors, the long guns were identical.


  1. A great set and highly sought after over here in Europe, thanks for sharing it with us.
    Best wishes Brian

  2. The bren Gun carrier? Who knew! Nice job all around, mate!

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  4. Nice blog!
    Incidentally I got to drive a Been Gun Carrier. Electric start and a steering wheel! It was hard to stay straight as it tended to drift so you always had to correct the course.
    Oddly you couldn't duck down. Very tight space and you were exposed from the shoulders up. They must have lost a lot of drivers in combat.

  5. Oops, BREN Gun Carrier....lousy spell checker...

  6. Timpo playsets were great. I had a ww2 one like this that included the bren carrier and artillery as well as a couple of rubber boats, 2 tents and corner walls.